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Miscarriage Matters, Inc. is a community of love, support and encouragement. Our goal is to assist those who seek comfort, in hopes that one day, they will be strong enough to "pay it forward" and help others heal. This isn't just a support group, we are parents who have all suffered Pregnancy and/or Early Infant Loss. Unfortunately, many of us didn't find support and for that reason, we have an overwhelming drive and determination to let others know that they are not alone in their grief.  If you need support, we hope that you will allow us the opportunity to be there for you. On the other hand, if you're a survivor who's healed, we'd like to also take this opportunity to offer you the chance to "pay it forward" and volunteer. 

We are not licensed counselors or doctors; we are simply PARENTS who have experienced the loss of our child/children, willing to offer our friendship and a listening ear. While you will never forget your loss, with time and support, you can begin to heal. Don't Delay, Join Today...Because Your Miscarriage Matters...

Welcome To Miscarriage Matters,
~The MM Team

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Esther Stanard, created Miscarriage Matters out of a direct need to offer free one-on-one support and compassion for mothers and fathers who have suffered loss through a miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant loss. Esther knows firsthand the devastation that surrounds such a tragic event-and was determined to make a difference in the lives of others.  

Esther is passionate about educating the public, inspiring others through the many services offered through Miscarriage Matters, and empowering those grief-stricken from pregnancy and early infant loss.

After 12 long years of infertility, Esther finally got pregnant with a set of twins. Sadly, that pregnancy ended in a double miscarriage. After being told of her loss, she was sent home without any information or support material. After extensively searching the internet (and other avenues) independently, Esther remained unable to locate a support program that offered a one-on-one connection. In fact, during her search for support, she realized the lack of support in this area. With "loss" being such a taboo subject, many around her didn't know what to say, and often times (in their attempt to help) said the wrong things. Feeling alone in her grief and longing to connect with someone who could understand her type of heartbreak firsthand, she realized the missing component within our society. 

As a mother's loving tribute and legacy for her twins, Esther created Miscarriage Matters, Inc. which has become a global organization. The continued goal strives to eradicate the feeling of isolation, and shine a light on acceptance, compassion, education, and understanding.

Esther realizes that Miscarriage Matters, Inc. would not be where it is today without the hardworking and devoted MM Volunteers. Because of their unselfish desire to make a difference, they continue to ensure that no parent of loss is left to endure this devastation alone. For that reason, Esther honors her team, and is constantly overwhelmed by the time each volunteer donates, and their overall commitment to serve. Miscarriage Matters does NOT pay salaries to anyone (including Esther). All of the many hours of service is simply for the love of others, and the desire to make a dramatic difference within the loss community. One thing that Esther has learned, is that pregnancy and infant loss affects the entire family. If a parent is broken, so is the family unit. By offering support, we not only see an individual heal, but families, relationships, marriages, and communities.

  • Miscarriage Matters was created on February 3, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.

  • In April of 2013, The Women of Empowerment Mentoring Program began, and has taken over 1500 applications for help.

  • In May of 2013, a Live Chat Team was created to make an instant connection, when parents visit our MM website.

  • In October 2013, Miscarriage Matters 2 Men was created to address our forgotten fathers. MM2M is serviced By Men, For Men.

  • On June 19, 2015 MM Radio was launched as another platform to reach our expanding global audience.

  • On January 25, 2016 MM Radio en Español launched to give a global connection to our Spanish speaking parents.

  • With over 50 volunteers that make up the Miscarriage Matters family, Esther constantly recognizes and celebrates the teamwork and closeness that Miscarriage Matters has come to foster.

Esther personally feels that with God, all things are possible. She, as well as the entire team, are excited to see what the future holds for this global grass-roots organization. Loss matters and the days of suffering silently in a corner are over. With a mission of hope, education, and awareness, Miscarriage Matters is determined to create a global village of Hope, Compassion, and Healing.

​Why? Because Miscarriage Matters.

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