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To join the Women of Empowerment Program ... 

  1. Complete the form below to become a member. (Joining is NO COST to you)

  2. Check your spam and email folder. You will be sent a welcome email from Miscarriage Matters. 

  3. Following that, you will be connected and partnered with a great Mentor who will contact you via email. Please watch out for their email within 24 - 48 hours​.

  4. ​Thank you and welcome to Miscarriage Matters.

This one-on-one communication is between the two independent parties "Women of Empowerment and Men of Power" Mentors and their "Sisters of Destiny and Brothers of Power" Mentees. It is meant to be encouraging and uplifting. This is a "free will" opportunity to connect with others who have gone through the death of a child. IF you experience anything negative, we encourage you to report it immediately. We will NOT stand for negativity. In addition, the views of the parties on either side, do not represent Miscarriage Matters Inc. and Miscarriage Matters Inc. will not be held liable or responsible.

Diana, WOE Manager

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