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Whether you need a Fact Sheet to learn more about Miscarriage Matters
or a Flyer to share with your OB-GYN, this page allows you to print our items instantly. 

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Marie CLaire

Guilt. Powerlessness. Failure. Many women who have miscarried are intimately familiar with these emotions and bear a secret shame. But more and more, women who have suffered pregnancy loss are opening up online.

MM Feature
"After Loss"

Miscarriage Matters Inc. is extremely honored for our Organization & Founder to have been featured in Writer-Lynelle Watford's latest Rising Higher Book Series "After Loss courage and healing through God's grace." The goal of MM is always to bring attention to pregnancy and stillbirth loss-as we desire to BLESS and support Moms & Dads worldwide. We appreciate each of you for following our organization (throughout our 9 year journey), and we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you in someway during your healing process. From our Leadership Team and Volunteers, we love and care about all of our Parents of Loss.

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Souper Stars

Miscarriage Matters Inc. was prompted by Esther’s own loss. After finding out that she was pregnant with twins, she woke up one night knowing that something was wrong. Her husband rushed her to the hospital, and they discovered that both heartbeats were gone. 

miscarriage matters to the pro-life movement

Did you know that about one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage?  Despite the frequency of miscarriage, we are generally oblivious to the agony of miscarriage until the tragedy strikes us personally. Motherhood is beautiful because of the amazing new Life created in pregnancy; sadly, however, most people only recognize the motherhood of those fortunate women whose healthy children survive birth.  

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