If you are interested in having a Miscarriage Matters, Inc. 
Representative attend your event, please EMAIL us your request.

We're always excited to bring awareness to Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Early Infant Loss..

April 13, 2019 - Sisters in Loss Brunch, Washington, DC

The Sisters in Loss Event is to provide the women in attendance a community for support during their grief journey, hope after loss,
and know that we are stronger together rather than be isolate
in shame and silence.

Brunch included mimosas, live podcast,
guest speakers, ​gift bags, and more.

6/13/2015 -Team MM/Chicago meeting up to take the #MMSPLATCHALLENGE


 Miscarriage Matters Inc. at the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Annual Matthew Bulfin Educational Conference.


A special THANK YOU to Dr. Donna Harrison for the invite, and allowing us to share MM with their many doctors, nurses, and hospital board members. — in Washington, District of Columbia 2/21/2015. 

An Actual Message we received:
Mar 12th, 2:27am

I was at the AAPLOG Conference last month and helped you pass out papers before your presentation. I'm a college instructor and PhD student. Tonight I received an email from a student who decided to open up about how devastated she is this week because it's the anniversary of her miscarriage. I told her I would pray for her and her baby and I remembered how empowering your presentation was. It helped me to consider my wording in responding to her and I refrained from saying "you can always have another baby" because you helped me realize how insensitive that is. I wanted to share this and to say thank you your work and cause is truly incredible and inspiring.


Miscarriage Matters en Español Manager, Maria Garcia delivering MM Care Packages to a local medical facility. 2/2015


Royal Neighbors selected Esther Stanard as one of their Nation of Neighbors recipients. The award included a check for $2,250 that Mrs. Stanard donated to Miscarriage Matters. This prestigious honor was presented to Mrs. Stanard by Rev. Carson Jackson of Little Mine Road Baptist Church Spotsylvania, VA on 12/28/2014.

Whispers From Heaven 2013 Event Hosted By: Chicago Angel Moms and Dads
Miscarriage Matters Inc. Event Speaker- Esther Stanard, Founder


Esther Stanard, Founder and CEO of Miscarriage Matters, Inc. meeting with Kelly Farley Author and Founder of The Grieving Dads Project



Wanda Burgund, Calvary Church- Director of Counseling and Encouragement Ministries and Esther Stanard, Founder and CEO of Miscarriage Matters, Inc.

6/1/2014 Delivery of Miscarriage Matters Care Packages