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Recognition of Life Certificate

Recognize the life of your child. For many of us, we will never receive a birth certificate to show the life of our child/children. Yet, we know that their life/lives existed. Now you can have a tangible, sentimental, priceless keepsake to treasure. While this is not an official state certificate of birth, it can be a representation of their life. Many have found comfort, peace, and their own priceless feelings by seeing their baby's name, parents name, and date/months/weeks (if known) that their child left this earth. 

This beautiful keepsake is truly one that you will cherish. We've taken great care to provide you with a quality product. Each certificate is carefully printed by UPS on a card stock certificate, and delivered to you by UPS, in their strong white board backed envelope (to ensure the protection of your precious treasure).  


Certificate Size: 8.5 in X 11 in 

​*NOTE* Only one child per certificate. If you include more than one name, we will not process your request and this will drastically delay your order.

​Please allow 3 weeks for delivery

Frames are NOT included.

*** All Donations/Transactions Are final, No Refunds.

1 customized certificate per child.


Your order will not be processed until PAYMENT IS RECEIVED!!
Once payment is submitted, Paypal will bring you back to our site. 

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